Lionheart Industrial Group Growth Strategies

We Create Rewarding Opportunities for Owners/Sellers.

When it's time to sell your business, Lionheart Industrial Group can help. We understand entreprenurial and smaller businesses and the desire of founders to see their company thrive even after they sell it.

Lionheart Industrial Group is an industrial operating company which was formed on the premise that entrepreneurial and smaller middle-market companies can accelerate performance and growth by leveraging our global experience and professional, disciplined business models through the Lionheart Edge Operating System (LEOSLM).

Growth StrategiesWith a broad capital base and a truly long-term ownership business builder philosophy, Lionheart Industrial Group's primary mission is to acquire and develop middle-market manufacturing companies. The foundation of the Lionheart Industrial Group business model is to maximize profitability, productivity and expansion opportunities for the companies in our group.

For manufacturing businesses, Lionheart Industrial Group brings innovative solutions to creating liquidity via equity investment and growth by delivering strategic and operational value.

Looking to sell your business? Talk to us.

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